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Pool Optimization Package!

Get the most out of your pool this summer with a Mineral and an Advanced Oxidation Process System!

This package combines a Nature2 Fusion Mineral System & Clear Comfort CCW50 AOP System. Purchase this package deal and we'll supply your next cartridge replacements FREE!

A $530 Value, absolutely FREE for a limited time!

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Summers are short.
Optimize your pool experience.

Offering the latest in Mineral & Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) Systems, FreshWater Swimming assists you in adopting the next generation of pool treatment technologies.

We provide a range of pool treatment systems that allow you to reduce chemicals and lower your maintenance costs and time, while improving water quality and enhancing your swimming experience.

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Mineral Systems

Minerals combat bacteria and algae, and allow you to reduce chlorine, algicide and other chemicals by 50% to 80%.

Advanced Oxidation Process Systems (AOP)

AOPs use powerful Hydroxyl Radicals to oxidize your pool water,
disinfecting and keeping water crystal clear.

Combination Systems

A powerful combination AOP and Mineral functionality in a single system.
ECOsmarte's pioneering technology has been installed in over 130 countries since 1994.


FreshWater Swimming offers product sales and support to Canadian's who wish to enjoy the best pool water quality. Phone and email support is free when you purchase a system from FreshWater Swimming. We help make sure your pool stays clean, clear and fun!

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Everyone's pool is different and everyone's needs are different. FreshWater Swimming offers free consultation services by phone, video call or in person to help you understand the benefits of our products and how they work. We will work with you to determine the best installation for you, matching your budget to the best available technology.

The Science

Learn more about Minerals, Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) systems, and water treatment.

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