Minerals and Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) systems mean cleaner, clearer water with less chemicals and less maintenance.

Reduce Chemicals

Reduce Chlorine by 50% to 80%

Reduce pool shocking and algicide use

Reduce pH adjustment products

Reduce disinfection by-products

Reduce Maintenance

Fully automated systems

Creates a more stable pool-water balance

Requires less adjustment

Eco-Friendly Treatment

Healthier water for your family

Reduces salt and chlorine discharge to the environment.

Disinfection and Algae Control

More powerful disinfection than chlorine

Stops algae from taking hold

Simple Installation.

Our systems can easily be installed on any new or existing pool.
Do it yourself, or relax by the pool while we take care of it for you!


Our systems are compatible with conventional chlorine and salt chlorine generators. Don't replace what you've got, upgrade to a freshwater system!

Proven Technology

Minerals are proven to kill algae and other microbes.
AOP systems represent the most powerful water cleaning technology available.

Get rid of disinfection by-products and
enjoy silky-smooth water.

Minerals make your water feel smooth and silky for an even more enjoyable swimming experience.
Both minerals and AOP systems reduce disinfection by-products. However, AOP systems not only reduce the reaction causing combined chlorine but also destroys combined chlorine that may already in your pool.